Mission Statement

When I built the team that is Round 3 Events, I wanted it to epitomize the very definition of excellence in event operations. Each of Round 3’s members have vast experience at all levels of events, ranging from local, grassroots events all the way to Pokémon’s grandest stage, the World Championships. Furthermore, that vast experience encompasses all aspects of tournament operations, including Organization, Judging, and Stream Production. With our combined experience, resources and community connections, we have a unique insight into what it takes to construct the strongest team of volunteers to best promote a fair experience for all.

Round 3’s members have also all competed at various levels during their tenure. This experience allows us to empathize with players, in addition to other staff members. As such, we understand the importance of a smoothly operated event and what it takes to ensure the efficiency that all attendees look for in any given event.

What would a Pokémon event be though, without a little fun?  This is why Round 3 isn’t afraid to be creative, introducing new side events and pushing for events, on the whole, to be complete, well-rounded experiences for all attendees, not just competitors.  Operating events that don’t focus solely on competitor enjoyment and the “main tournament” helps to remind attendees that Pokémon is meant to be a fun, family experience, enjoyed by all.  Further expanding on that, promoting other activities helps to introduce newcomers to the brand, in new, fun and exciting way.

~AJ Schumacher

AJ Schumacher

Owner, Round 3 Events, LLC
Favorite Pokémon: Sirfetch’d

The leader and founder of the Round 3 Events team, AJ began playing competitive Pokémon in 2004 and started staffing events shortly after in 2005. He is known for keeping a smile on his face while being able to lead teams and fill in any necessary roles. With all his experience, it’s no wonder he’s been invited to staff over 10 World Championships and countless International events.

Mike “Mikey” Collins

Private Consultant
Favorite Pokémon: Leafeon

Mike, or “Mikey” has been in the Pokémon community for 15 long years and has been staffing events since 2006. He’s cheerful, adaptable, a wizard with kids, and all-around fun. He’s staffed 7 World Championships and over a dozen International Championships. Mikey loves tabletop games and can often see him streaming on Twitch.tv!

Jimmy Gurney

Private Consultant
Favorite Pokémon: Darkrai

Jimmy stumbled upon a local Pokémon league in 2008 and began to volunteer at events the following year in 2009. He’s great with computers and technical stuff. With 4 World Championships and 5 Internationals under his belt, Pokémon has provided him his greatest opportunities to travel. He can’t wait to see where Pikachu will take him next!

Patrick “PB” Brett

Private Consultant
Favorite Pokémon: Pichu

Patrick, or often called “PB”, started running unofficial Pokémon tournaments in 2014 and was quickly introduced to official tournaments when AJ heard about him. After that, PB jumped head first into staffing TCG and VG events. One of the skills he is most proud about is being able to adapt to any role needed to make an event run smooth. Since then, he’s staffed 4 World Championships and 5 International Championships. In his spare time, he’s often playing other video or tabletop games.